The Silents

Обложка альбома The SilentsWith a focus on honest song-writing and an overwhelming desire to present their own interpretation and understanding of the world, West Australian four-piece The Silents have captured themselves in a state of flux and channelled it into their debut album 'Things To Learn'. Dizzying harmonies bleed into tripped-out garage rock, dark corners are explored and uncovered, and the past, present and future collide head-on. Produced by Dave Parkin at Blackbird Sound Studio in Perth and mixed by Doug Boehm at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, 'Things To Learn' is the sound of time spent in music, poetry, ideas and revelations juxtaposed with the bleak reality of day-to-day living. "This is our beginning," says songwriter Lloyd Stowe. "Acknowledging the loss of our younger selves and the fading of anything innocent and child-like, this album captures time for us in song." The tracks on 'Things To Learn' were written over an extended period, and Lloyd says while writing them, the band had a view of the world that was somewhat spiritually wayward and mentally adrift – notions that creep their way into the album.
  • Трек: Light of Day
  • Исполнитель (артист): The Silent Comedy
  • Длительность 3:28
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "The Silent Comedy - Light of Day"

    • 3:42
      Silent CircleTouch in the Night (Original Radio Version)
    • 3:40
      Silent CircleStop the Rain in the Night
    • 5:19
      Silent CircleTouch in the Night
    • 3:04
      The Silent ComedyGod Neon
    • 4:31
      The Silent ComedyAlways Two
    • 3:18
      Silent CircleAnywhere Tonight
    • 8:39
      Silent HillSilent Ghosts
    • 3:52
      NickelbackSilent Majority
    • 3:30
      Silent CircleMoonlight Affair
    • 3:11
      The Silent ComedySimple Thing
    • 3:08
      Fabrizio PaterliniSilent Eyes
    • 4:12
      AnathemaThe Silent Enigma (Orchestral)
    • 4:19
      The Silent ComedyGhosts
    • 4:45
      A Silent FilmDanny, Dakota & the Wishing Well
    • 5:34
      Silent CircleTouch In The Night (Crash Version)
    • 2:23
      RMasterPromise (Rrom Silent Hill 2)
    • 3:38
      Silent CircleShy Girl
    • 4:16
      Silent SeasonThe Negative
    • 3:20
      Silent CircleLove Is Just A Word
    • 3:55
      Cinema BizarreThe Silent Place
    • 4:00
      Silent DescentTurn To Grey
    • 2:29
      Frank SinatraSilent Night
    • 4:01
      Silent DescentRob Rodda
    • 2:49
      The Silent ComedyYou Don't Know Me
    • 3:56
      Silent DescentVoices
    • 3:13
      Christmas SongsSilent Night
    • 5:36
      Silent CircleStop The Rain In The Night (No Rain MIX)
    • 4:40
      Silent DescentSticky Fingers
    • 4:53
      The KnifeSilent Shout
    • 2:31
      Frank SinatraSilent Night
    • 2:57
      Carl EspenSilent Storm
    • 3:07
      Massive AttackSilent Spring
    • 3:59
      Silent CircleGive Me Time
    • 3:28
      Silent CircleOh, Don’t Lose Your Heart Tonight (Radio Version)
    • 3:00
      Lena KatinaSilent Hills (feat. Jus Grata)
    • 3:42
      Secret GardenSilent wings
    • 4:48
      Silent DescentVortex
    • 3:10
      Jonathan DavisSilent Hill
    • 4:28
      Jia Peng FangSilent Moon
    • 3:44
      Silent DescentPaths Winding
    • 3:24
      Silent DescentHurt Like You've Never Been Loved
    • 8:40
      Silent HillLa La La Song
    • 3:24
      Silent DescentBack To Where I Belong
    • 4:26
      Silent DescentUnder The Eagle
    • 5:17
      EmigrateSilent So Long
    • 3:59
      Silent DescentGravesend
    • 4:24
      Silent DescentBreak The Skies
    • 3:35
      Silent CircleI Am Your Believer